Monday, January 25, 2010

Personal Update

Hi to everybody. 
I know it may seem like I have forgotten you and I'm sorry about that. The truth is that I have been affected by a number of personal blows lately, not least of all being the disaster in Haiti which is very close to my heart, especially as a Caribbean citizen. Please read the end of this message to find out more about how you can help in Haiti.

I've always been determined to show only strength, positivity and factual information or worthwhile opinion for discussion when speaking about my experiences on Skinned Alive because of how much many of you have told me it helps you. However, at the moment I find it hard to write on the blog under a pretence that I am 100% strong, 100% of the time. Like everybody else, I am only human and have my weak moments, so I only ask that you be patient with me until I can continue to write at the standard that Skinned Alive deserves. 

Please feel free to continue sending in your personal messages and questions, I do read and appreciate them all and I have not forgotten you. I will always make the time to reply :)

Be Blessed Always,

In this time of need, it is very important that as many resources get to Haiti as possible. The best thing that you can do right now is donate clothes, shoes and/or non-perishable items such as canned food and bottles of water wherever they are being accepted. I know that Subway outlets worldwide are accepting cans of food in exchange for a sub of your choice.

Unfortunately, with monetary donations, you can never be sure how much of your donation is reaching those who need it. I know that there are a number of websites where donations can be made, as well as numbers you can text to help raise funds. Some of these are scams and I would urge you to be vigilant and do your research. There are a couple of organizations that I personally trust and can vouch for so please feel free to donate via these links, if like me you have been confused as to who can best put my money to use. is an organization that tackles a number of world issues and I had the pleasure of taking part in the Give Peace A Hand 3-mile long handshake and walk for the Dalai Lama's peace talks here in London 2 years ago. They have currently raised over 1 million pounds for Haiti and are still accepting donations at: 

Many members of my United Nations family have been caught in the earthquake. Many of them did not survive and even more are still missing following the collapse of the United Nations Headquarters building. The UN survivors of the earthquake have proudly stuck together and chosen to remain in Haiti to aid relief efforts and recover their mission.

The United Nations Federal Credit Union is accepting cheques from non-members of the UN that can be made payable to the "Relief Fund" and sent to:

Relief Fund
24-01 44th Road
Long Island City
New York 11101

Thank you for any help you can offer!