Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Strength, Not Pity!

A quick one this week!

I had a little down time last week. On one of my down days, my father called from abroad and gave me one of those pep talks that I love him for, you know the kind that makes you feel like you can whizz right on up into the sky and take over the world? He is amazing at those.

During this talk my dad said something that stood out to me so much that I wish to share with you all:

"I built my daughter on strength, not pity!"

Wow. That phrase has stuck with me like gum on the bottom of my shoe. That's exactly what my parents did - they never pitied me or my condition... They never showed stress or anxiety in my presence because of what I was going through... They made sure that they were nothing but an example of strength and confidence so that I could follow suit and grow strong for myself when that time finally came for me to leave the bubble and comfort zone of 'Mummy and Daddy protecting me'. 

I think they did a good job. I remember my parents' way of making me strong, whether I was prepared for it or not. Dance class, netball, volleyball, tennis, piano, gymnastics, drama group, band practice... you name it, I did it. And the scenario was always the same: drop me off at the front gate, tell me to go and  have fun and I make it inside by myself... I talk to people by myself... I do it by myself. Scary, but it worked.

The number one instinct is survival... So thanks to my Dad this time, I'm back in the sky and taking over the world :)